Update 1.3 "Underground"

23.10.2017, YEPS! GameStudio

With the revival of Don Esteban's organization BandiBots some hot changes came to Centerra on 22/10/2017.

In the underground - a brand-new game module in the arena - the criminal boss DonEsteban organizes special battles. The strongest bots of the city meet there and they fight mercilessly to pick up Don's prize money. The paid out in this way is far more generous than during normal street fights. If a bot manages to beat all five challengers, he gets a special prize: the crypto box.

Everyone makes mistakes.... and help is on the way! The newly installed ReSkill function: For a small sum of Platinum, players can reskill their bot and get ALL assigned attribute points back.

Weapons and bots no longer have a damage range, but a fixed average damage. Furthermore, there will be a varying damage range in battles depending on this average damage. With this change, the fully packed interface of RoboManiac is streamlined.

The league condition of items is abolished to allow more active trading between players. However, the higher your league is, the better goods are offered at the scrap yard.

Update 1.3 has also made two additional balancing improvements to the gangs:

The amount of credits that sponsor "DonEsteban" pays for gang victories, will now scale with the number of gang members and will no longer pay a fixed amount regardless of the gang size.

Also, a gang can attack another gang a maximum of three times per season. This prevents weak bands from being attacked by the same band over and over again.

The increased activity of the bad guys aka BandiBots now gives players three missions a day instead of two to control the emerging criminality on Centerra.

Update 1.2 "New Generation"

03.08.2017, YEPS! GameStudio

On Centerra they are working hard to encourage the glorious civilization of the Bots. In this context, the update 1.2 "Next Generation" for RoboManiac went live on 3rd August 2017 and brings a lot of new features.

Since the update, bots for the conclusion of a season bonuses are ranked according to their ranking in the ranking list of their league group. Credits, uridium, experience points and even platinum are distributed to the most successful fighters.

A great highlight is the modder in the trade district. It allows the residents of Centerra to make their bot look really hot by skinning their beloved bot items.

Players of RoboManiac agree that research is important but can also be tough. From now on, the feature of time reduction can be used to speed up ongoing research.

But the communication relay on Centerra has also received an update. Players can now specify which events on Centerra they want to be informed about via Mail. Thus, for example, one never misses a completed repair or an upcoming gang fight.

Players can now use Platinum instead of Uridium in many places of RoboManiac.

In order to make the auction house fair for all players, the maximum starting bid was reduced to the simple item value and the Gang-Vice president can now nominate Big-Bots and start tournaments.

Last but not least some bugs were fixed.

ROBOMANIAC launched first international server

07.07.2017, YEPS! GameStudio

Hey Bots!

We are proud to announce that we just launched our first international server of RoboManiac. 

Now English-language players can finally access to it. This is one remarkable milestone on our journey to inspire a wide variety of people all around the world.

See you on Centerra.